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26th SEA Games – Palembang Match

Logo 26th SEA GAMES

SEA Games XXVI Indonesia 2011

SEA Games XXVI Indonesia 2011 will be held for 11 days from November 11, 2011 – November 22, 2011 in two host cities, Palembang and Jakarta. Athletes from 11 countries will compete for 542 gold medals through 44 sporting events.
Indonesia is set to host the 2011 SEA Games in the SEA Games Federation Council Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on the 6th of September 2006. This year is the fourth time Indonesia has been selected to host the Southeast Asian Sports Festival since SEA Games X 1979, SEA Games XV 1987, and SEA Games XIX 1997.

As one of the main host, Palembang will concentrate its game venues in Jaka Baring Sports Complex, which covers an area of 45 thousand square meters and at the Gelora Sriwijaya Sports Center.
In Jakarta, game venues will be centered in Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). This stadium is the largest and oldest stadium in Indonesia, which has been a historic landmark for the people of Indonesia. The stadium’s seating capacity can hold up to 88 thousand spectators.

The SEA Games Organizing Committee (INASOC) states four key areas of success to be addressed during the Southeast Asian countries sport festival. The areas of success include achievement, management, legacy and democratic economy.
SEA Games Organizing Committee (INASOC) ensures that they will make the 26th SEA Games memorable by selecting a unique date on November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 to conduct the opening ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies will be spectacularly managed and conducted at the Jaka Baring Stadium, Palembang.

The List of Sport Venues in Two Host Cities of SEA Games XXVI Indonesia 2011 includes:

Sumatera Selatan
1. Athletics – Jakabaring Complex

2. Aquatics Diving – Jakabaring Complex

Aquatics Swimming – Jakabaring Complex

Aquatics Synchronize – Jakabaring Complex

Aquatics Water Polo – Kolam Lumban Tirta

3. Baseball – Jakabaring Complex

4. Billiards & Snooker – Arena Billiard Jakabaring

5. Boxing – Gedung Basket Indoor Kampus

6. Bridge – Hotel Swarna Dwipa

7. Chess – Hotel Jayakarta

8. Fin Swimming – Jakabaring Complex

9. Gymnastics – Jakabaring Complex

Artistik dan Ritmik Ranau Gymnastic – Hall
Aerobik Dempo Hall

10. Petanque – Jakabaring Complex

11. Roller Sport – Jakabaring Complex

12. Sepak Takraw – SPC Jakabaring

13. Shooting – Jakabaring Complex

14. Softball – Jakabaring Complex

15. Soft Tennis – Jakabaring Complex

16. Tennis – Jakabaring Complex

17. Volley Indoor – Sport Hall Sriwijaya (GOR Kampus)

Volley Beach – Jakabaring Complex

18. Wall Climbing – Jakabaring Complex

19. Water Ski – Jakabaring Complex

20. Weightlifting – GOR Dempo Jakabaring

21. Wrestling – Gedung Serba Guna Jakabaring

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